Grand Colonial Estates of South and Central America
Historic architecture in Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay, Mexico

Kolonialstil Architektur der großen Landgüter Süd Amerikas

Dear visitors,

I put together this site for afficionados (like us) of grand historic estates in South America.
It consists of bits and pieces I find in the web as part of my farmland realty activity.
The buttons below link to three different latin american regions where grand estate architecture has survived to this day.
If you want to buy a historic estate, in combination with an investment in farmland, as farmland real estate agent, I offer a few :
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P. Voss

historic estates south america historic fazenda paraiba brazil
photos show :
Estancia Los Alamos, Mendoza, Argentina (top left)
Estancia Arroyo Dulce, Pca Buenos Aires, Argentina (top center)
Estancia San Eugenio, Uruguay (top right)
Fazenda Pau Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (bottom)